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Graphic of man in black colour teaching many studentsOur passion is to coach mentally or physically impaired students using video tutorials in centres, homes or remote desktop software.

We believe everyone has a purpose in the community, including people with mental or physical impairments. Our mission is to motivate these students. We coach them using video tutorials, helping them to access the many online learning resources available to support their learning.

Many mentally and physically impaired people take pain-relieving drugs, most causing memory and sluggish thinking side effects. This is where video tutorials make it easy to learn anything from anywhere. If the student still has trouble, we will find a suitable coach to help them through the course.

Learning video tutorials can be hard to grasp in the beginning. There are so many online open-source resources available on the internet. By simply asking Google the right question, one may get the answer. Our resources page list many open-source and subscription-based learning websites available online where students can take courses in anything from programming to how to study the Bible using e-Sword or photography and much more.

We point the student in the right direction regarding what resource would suit them, e.g. open source or subscription base video tutorials. The important thing is that the resource is accessible to the mentally and physically impaired. The student may be in bed for long periods or unable to leave home. We buddy the appropriate coach with the student to learn, regardless of their operating system.

For example, We encourage students to use their Auckland library cards to log in to Linkedin Learning. for free IT lessons.

A list of subjects that may interest a student.

  • 3D+ Animation
  • Audio + Music
  • Bible Software
  • Business
  • CAD Drawing
  • Design
  • Developer
  • Education
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Web
  • Music

Life is what you make it! This list is just a tiny percentage of mainly IT course ideas. There is so much more one can learn! For more information on free, open-source IT education resources, click here.

Coaching the mentally and physically impairedCoaching the mentally and physically impaired

We have found that learning from a video tutorial can be a bit overwhelming for most people. We know that the mentally and physically impaired need to take drugs to help with pain or other symptoms which affect their learning ability.

Coaching during a tutorial helps the student to learn in stages by gauging the student’s capacity to learn. When the coach feels the student needs to understand that lesson stage more, they replay the video or repeat that section on their computer.


Pain can be very draining, no matter what impairment a student has. If the student we are helping has pain, they may have difficulty sleeping, sitting, or standing in one position for an extended period. Our coaches are alert to any symptoms of tiredness or frustration during a lesson which would typically signal the need to end the class.

About the Coaches

The coaches are selected from a database of skilled, physically disabled, and non-disabled volunteers, students and teachers available from all walks of life with the knowledge of the subjects and the ability to coach patiently and respectfully. They must comply with Volunteer Auckland and Its Accessible terms of engagement. They will be paired up with the student by the trust. Please note that we prefer volunteers referred to us by Volunteer Auckland. If you are interested in volunteering as a coach and comply with the terms of engagement, click here and apply for a position. It is essential to please attach a CV to your email.

We coach in 3 ways:

  1. In a local accessible centre that has access to accessible computers where the coach and the student meet on a one-to-one basis.
  2. In homes that have accessible computers where the coach and the student meet on a one-to-one basis.
  3. With students’ permission, we can access their computers using free, open-source remote desktop computer software from the student and coach’s home.

Provide Accessible Hardware or Software to bridge the gap.

To bridge the gap, it’s essential to provide accessible hardware or software. This can help ensure everyone has equal access to the resources they need to succeed. Whether it’s a computer that’s easy to use or software that’s designed with access; there in mind, there are many ways to make technology more inclusive. By taking this step, we can help create a more equitable and supportive environment for all.

We have encountered many situations when coaching students where they require access to hardware and software, but unfortunately, they can not afford it. This disadvantages them and limits their opportunities to learn and grow. We think every student should have equal access to technology and are committed to finding solutions to make it happen. Get in contact for more information. info@itsaccessible.net.nz