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IT’s Accessible (CC49580) has been registered since 5/08/2013 under the Charities Act 2005. Please support us. the trust encourages financial support from multiple business communities who want to align with a unique group of committed people to further the goals of inspiring, motivating and enabling communities impacted by serious injury, through collaboration, goodwill and information technology (IT).

Where does the money go?

The funds we receive pay for equipment for the volunteers to use at the 2 centres where we currently coach the impaired with 2 laptops, last year we needed to replace 2 laptops for the students, thanks to the sponsors and hosting fees we were able to do that. We do not pay for our clients WordPress themes,  WordPress pro plugins now but we pay for the domain names and the management or maintenance charges or travelling costs to centres. We have worked on a budget to employ someone for 10 hours a week to make sure our services run smoothly and apply for grants and sponsorship.

How can you be involved with the Trust?

There are many ways you can support the trust

  • Please pray for us – Pray for the trust, the volunteers, funding for equipment and development, new opportunities and perseverance.
  • Volunteer for us – Help us do the work we do, develop non-profits websites, do clerical work, educate the disabled.
  • Provide FundsThrough donations, automatic payments, sponsorship, or goods and services.

Become a Sponsor

All our commercial clients are Sponsors. We have a colour coded sponsor page under construction,